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We worship together on Sunday at 11:00 am. We are currently having in-person worship services as well as Zoom service.  Wearing a mask is optional, but please feel free to wear one for your safety and comfort.


Annah's Home Dedication Ceremony on Odie St. Faith in Hillsborough Build - Saturday, February 4th at 12 pm

We will celebrate Annah becoming a first time homebuyer.  Annah will join us for light refreshments and a blessing of her house.  We are so grateful for the volunteer hours and financial support you contributed towards building Annah's future home at 205 Odie St. in Hillsborough!

Join us for Ash Wednesday - Wednesday, February 22nd

We will have a chili supper with an interactive service to begin our journey Into the Wild for Lent. We need chili makers. If you would like to help let Jay know at

Into the Wild for Lent

This year we will be using a guide developed by an organization called SALT (an organization that promotes spiritual growth through visual storytelling). The curriculum for lent intersects the art of Matisse with the Lenten stories. I am looking for folks to create a piece of art for each Sunday around the theme “Into The Wild.” This could be a painting, photograph, sculpture, fabric art, pottery or any other artistic representation. If you would like to create a piece to share let me know. Each family will also receive a devotional booklet with a focus for each week and the major days of the Lenten Season.

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